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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Starstruck at Kitchen & Bath Specialists!

Patty and Kathy with Kyle Chandler today...he's such a good sport about the attention he gets!

Monday, November 02, 2015

What's happening at Kitchen & Bath Specialists this week...

Our attention is on a big Crystal cabinet delivery to a house on Upper Matecumbe Key (see the new construction photo posted on June 26, 2015).  Half of the cabinets were delivered last week and the other half are coming down from Miami this week.  This is always an anxious moment:  designing and selling the cabinets for a new house can take a long while (depending on the nature of the job) and when they actually and finally arrive, great care and attention must be given to the delivery:  time, dates, site readiness, payments due, thorough check-in, inspection, safety, security, weather, manpower, equipment, insurance.  Plan the dive, dive the plan.

Another exciting event this week is the installation of a new showroom display countertop.  The beautiful slab of engineered quartz is from CAESARSTONE and we are happy to have designed the display around the slab and grateful to the local sales and distribution team, especially Liav Tzioni. We know that we will be happy with the layout, fabrication and installation by Stone Brokers.  K&BS and Stone Brokers have worked together for twenty years!  Countertops are not easy - OK, some are harder than others.  It is heavy, dangerous, demanding work requiring IQ, experience, muscle and attention to detail.  Only a shop as professional as Stone Brokers can help to consistently avoid the pitfalls.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Before and after. In 2013, we put them in and in 2014 we took them out and put darker ones back in. Took awhile but the customer was pleased.

We have this beautiful 2013 kitchen for sale if anyone is interested.  Packed and ready to ship.  It's Hawaiian KOA veneer - natural finish, no stain, just clear coated.  Cabinets are all plywood construction and custom made.  We're ready to sell the first kitchen for half-off but it's very special and needs to go to a good home!  Someone who knows how rare and exotic KOA is.  We'll pay shipping within a reasonable distance.  More photos available.

Hawaiian KOA for sale - buyer remorse! After they saw it they wanted the cabinets to be darker!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Guess which one they ended up with?

Which one did they end up with?  The answer is neither. We got hired, but the contractor who referred the customer to us did not get hired after all.  The customer was not willing to pay the going rates for a licensed, insured local contractor - the kind of contractor who does things by the book. Instead, the customer chose an unlicensed handyman who, while he may be talented, does not provide the kind of protection that a customer needs. Like insurance.

Even the local Building Officials have relaxed their enforcement attitudes on permitted work but in this case, the customer was not just installing new tile or replacing a toilet.

This customer was creating all new window openings and replacing doors and windows with IMPACT glass.  Roof lines were changing.  Structural beams were moving.  Walls were coming out.  New electric service was being added and the entire plumbing system was being replaced.  

We returned our design fee and pulled off the job.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beautiful color range.  Traditional or modern patterns.  Made in Miami.  A customer pushed us towards them and now we're really liking Cuban encaustic tile.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chris Kilmurray is (still) here! UPDATE: 10-22-2015 Chris is working for the Monroe County Sheriff's Department - his dream!

Chris Kilmurray thought he was only staying for a year ... ha!

Chris is our Buyer and while I know he wants to be a police officer, I'm happy we have him for awhile longer.  Not only does he give us a sense of security (especially when he comes to work in uniform...), he also is willing to pitch in and do whatever needs to be done.  Great attitude.  A confident, fearless, cheerful, fast learner.

Patty McLemore is here!

Wow!  What a firecracker of an employee Patty McLemore is.  She started last August and is now our Office Manager.  Hard-working, big heart, big laugh, smart and did I mention hard-working?

Lots of experience and good sense.  Glad she's here.

Ernesto Acosta is here!

Ernesto Acosta is now part of the Kitchen & Bath Specialists team.  He brings years of design and contracting experience and has introduced us to the Miami method.  He's fast without sacrificing quality or price and he's bilingual.

It is a pleasure to work with him.  Please give us a call.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Another one from 5 years ago....

I'm looking back at our collection of before and after photos from past years and thinking about good design, good taste, enduring style and how much any of that matters - one of our company's most important values is that we strive to deliver what the customer wants.  Not what we want.  This photo is an example of giving a customer exactly what they wanted and hoped for - and it was so gratifying to hear their happy reactions and be invited back to do their master bathroom a couple of years later.  It's not that I don't like this kitchen - it's just not what I would have done in my own home - but that's not what I do for a living! This kitchen is very well executed, safe, ergonomic, modest and the customer is happy.  That's what we find important and admire.  Alder wood with a light stain; SHOJI door style with rice paper inserts; Jurassic Green granite tops; and recycled hand-made ceramic tile backsplash.

A challenging new kitchen...new cabinets, reuse the granite.

This nice couple bought a new house in Tavernier.  They liked the granite in the kitchen but not the kitchen.  So the challenge was to remove the granite intact and reinstall it while finding some more to match since the new kitchen was to be bigger.  I think we did well.  Good fabricators, installers and contractor on this job.  But we also did a diligent and careful design.  It came out well.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

The latest Daltile catalog

The latest Daltile catalog:

Daltile and the Tile Council of North America have a new industry standard for measuring slippery

At Daltile, we’ve always championed the best solutions our industry has to offer. That’s why we’re among the first to join the Tile Council of North America in testing our products with DCOF AcuTest, a new industry standard for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF).  The new standard assesses products suitability for the commercial environment and the specific usability needs of the application.

A Measure of Friction

In layman’s terms, friction is the force that resists the sliding motion of one surface against another. Contaminants, such as liquids, can change this value. 
There are two types of friction: static (SCOF) and dynamic (DCOF).  SCOF is the ratio of forces necessary to start two surfaces sliding.  This is what the former ASTM C1028 static test measured.  DCOF is the ratio of forces necessary to keep two surfaces sliding.

Out with the old. In with the new.

The methodology used by DCOF AcuTest has become the new industry standard because it’s the most accurate way to determine whether or not a product is suitable for a commercial environment. And at Daltile, we won’t settle for anything less.
  • Just as the speed of a car can be measured in mph and kph, DCOF uses a different scale. For example, the
    new .42 wet (DCOF) is replacing the old reference of .60 COF wet, which has long been the benchmark for
    friction in commercial applications. 
  • The new, more stringent DCOF AcuTest uses a portable robot that, unlike ASTM C1028, gives realistic values
    on very smooth surfaces.
  • As our industry transitions, you’ll have access to both the SCOF and DCOF scores of all Daltile flooring products.
While the industry standard is changing, the quality you can count on from Daltile remains the same.


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