Sunday, September 07, 2014

Guess which one they ended up with?

Which one did they end up with?  The answer is neither. We got hired, but the contractor who referred the customer to us did not get hired after all.  The customer was not willing to pay the going rates for a licensed, insured local contractor - the kind of contractor who does things by the book. Instead, the customer chose an unlicensed handyman who, while he may be talented, does not provide the kind of protection that a customer needs. Like insurance.

Even the local Building Officials have relaxed their enforcement attitudes on permitted work but in this case, the customer was not just installing new tile or replacing a toilet.

This customer was creating all new window openings and replacing doors and windows with IMPACT glass.  Roof lines were changing.  Structural beams were moving.  Walls were coming out.  New electric service was being added and the entire plumbing system was being replaced.  

We returned our design fee and pulled off the job.

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